In our workshop we manufacture all fencing panels and gates other than the five bar diamond-braced gates so we can ensure everything supplied by us is of a high standard. Standard fence panels and gates are constantly being produced, along with bespoke designs. All our external timber is pressure treated with Tanalith E, which is the latest state of the art environmentally friendly treatment.

Our fence installation team are highly experienced professionals. We will firstly come along and carry out a site survey. This will help us establish if there are any special conditions to be taken into account, for instance vastly uneven ground, and will enable us to provide you with an accurate quote for the job.  Our highly skilled team carry out fencing installations and fencing repairs throughout the North of Wiltshire including: Swindon, Marlborough, Calne, Chippenham, Wootton Bassett and Devizes.  If you would prefer to erect your own fence we can of course supply just the materials.


Close Board Fencing

Closeboard fencing is a very popular type of fencing which is made up of posts and rails, with vertical feather edge boards.  It is an extremely flexible form of fencing and can be used effectively to follow the natural rise and fall of a garden.  As posts can be positioned where required, obstructions such as trees and roots can be accommodated more easily - we can even build round solid objects.  Close board fencing can be fitted with a trellis top if required

Close Board     Close Board Fencing     Picture framed Close Board
                      Close Board                                                  Close Board                                    Picture Framed Close Board
                             Closeboard with Concrete Posts                                    Plastic Eco Fencing
                                                                                        Closeboard with Plastic Eco Fencing Posts and Gravel boards

Closeboard with Timber Posts



Larchlap Panels

Heavy duty Larchlap Panels are made onsite in our workshop.  These Waney Edge Panels are traditional, overlap fencing panels, which can be topped with trellis if required.

Made from pressure treated timber, these fence panels are designed to last for many years.

Waney Edge panels with Trellis and Concrete Posts     Bespoke Panels
Larchlap / Waney Edge Panel with Trellis in Concrete Posts                  Bespoke Panels can be built           


Heavy duty trellis can be made in a square or diamond pattern.  It can also be used to top Fence Panels.  Trellis can be used in a multitude of ways:

Trellis and Rose Arch
Trellis & Rose Arch
Rose Trellis
Rose Trellis
Trellis Rose Arch and Close Board Fencing                
                       Trellis, Rose Arch and Close Board Fence                        Trellis topped fence panels set in Concrete Posts


Palisade Fencing

Timber Palisade fencing is also known as traditional wooden picket fencing.  It is available in a choice of flat, pointed or round tops.

Matching gates are available and we also  manufacture Palisade Panels.

Pointed Pallisade
Pointed Palisade Fence
Arch Top Palisade
Post & Rail Fencing
This versatile, sturdy fencing solution is ideal for larger boundaries.
   3ft Post and Rail bespoke design            
       3ft Post and Rail bespoke design                                                                                        Post and Rail                               
Hit & Miss Fencing
A fence that combines the best features of close board and palisade fences.  Hit and Miss fencing is ideal for exposed positions, as it allows the wind to flow through whilst visually maintaining a solid face for privacy.
               Hit and Miss with a Wavy Edge              Hit and Miss
                   Hit and Miss with a Wavy Edge                                                                       Hit and Miss


Timber products supplied by Bulldog are not guaranteed against
extreme weather conditions as wood is a natural material,
it may warp, split, twist, shrink and some knots may fall out.


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